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Vitoria-Gasteiz, Spain


Vitoria-Gasteiz is a medium sized city covering an area of  276,81 km² with 240.580 inhabitants and 63 villages (5.135). One-third of the municipal area is forest and one-third of the urban surface is green.

Vitoria-Gasteiz - European Green Capital 2012Vitoria-Gasteiz - European Green Capital 2012Vitoria-Gasteiz (pictured, right), is also the European Green Capital 2012. It is the third European city to become Green Capital after Stockholm and Hamburg. On 21 October, 2010, the European Commission designated Vitoria-Gasteiz European Green Capital 2012. This award is given in recognition of the work of those cities that have demonstrated their compliance with environmental standards on a constant basis, have undertaken ambitious targets to improve the environment and attain sustainable development and can act as a model to inspire other cities and promote best practices in all other European cities.

In this way, Vitoria-Gasteiz has become a model of green action and now it has the responsibility of sharing its practices with other cities in order to contribute to the defence of the environment throughout Europe.

The SEAP of the city of Vitoria-Gasteiz is an ambitious and comprehensive plan that is intended to lead to a 25% reduction of CO2 emissions in 2020 compared to 2006. A large number of measures are planned in all recommended key sectors of activity. Key actions include:

  • Energy management system in municipal facilities: Building use manual adapted to the type of installation and the type of equipment (protocols of energy facilities, manuals of good practice, monitoring of opening an closing hours ...)
  • Energy renovation of housing: Renovation of the thermal envelope of residential buildings built before the NBE-CT-79 and replacement of windows of the houses in the core network of super-blocks.
  • Mobility demand management: Program  of mobility demand management: set up of a mobility centre, municipal car sharing service, parking management, mobility plans for industrial areas, commercial centres, ...

Find out more on the Covenant of Mayors website.


  • Basque Country and Castilla y León, Spain
    Sustainable Energy Communities NEWS Issue 3 Winter/Spring 2012 - EN
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Evaluation of ENNEREG Dissemination

Evaluation of ENNEREG Communication and Dissemination Activities - Summary Report

Experience from the ENNEREG Regions [EN] This report on the Evaluation of ENNEREG Communication and Dissemination Activities provides an analysis of the dissemination activities of the ENNEREG project. In particular it evaluates the effectiveness of the online dissemination via the ENNEREG Regions 202020 website. The aim of this Summary Report, is to illustrate the effectiveness of the Regions 202020 website and Regions 202020 Network as a dissemination, promotion, networking and communications platform for Sustainable Energy Regions throughout Europe.

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8Nov12 Diaz de Arcaya

Euskadi - Basque Country Smart Cities in a Smart Community: Covenant of Mayors and Regions

Presentation [EN] This presentation by Natalia Díaz de Arcaya, EVE, Basque Region, Spain was made during the ENNEREG Regions 202020 Workshop: Energy Efficiency in European Regions on 8 November 2012.

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Steps taken to approve and develop the SEAP for Vitoria-Gasteiz

Presentation [EN] Vitoria-Gasteiz is a medium sized city covering an area of 276,81 km² with 240.580 inhabitants and 63 villages (5.135). One-third of the municipal area is forest and one-third of the urban surface is green. The municipality of Vitoria-Gasteiz, represented by Iñaki Arriba, had the opportunity to present in the Intelligent Energy - Europe Info Day 2012 the steps taken to approve and develop the city’s SEAP and to explain the general outline of the document and the foreseen actions in the residential buildings and services sector and sustainable mobility, promoting public transport and mobility by foot and bicycle. The SEAP of Vitoria-Gasteiz targets a 25% reduction in greenhouse gas emissions by 2020.

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Vitoria-Gasteiz: ciudad neutra en carbono Escenario 2020-2050

SEAP Document [ES] Se realiza un ejercicio de prospectiva con objeto de analizar por una parte, las potencialidades que tiene el territorio municipal y el provincial en generación de energías renovables: eólica, hidráulica, térmica, etc., y por otra, las potencialidades de reducción y eficiencia energética de cada uno de sectores consumidores de energía. Para cada sector se especifica el contexto y cuál es la energía básica para su funcionamiento. Una energía que se calcula en base a una determinada reducción y eficiencia, acorde con el contexto, la tecnología y los conocimientos actuales.

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Vitoria-Gasteiz Plan against Climate Change 2010-2020. Executive Summary.

SEAP Document [EN] This document presents a strategy to achieve by 2020 a reduction in the emissions of precursors of greenhouse gases (GhG) and a mitigation of the effects caused by climate change through actions on energy efficiency and production. The starting point is the Covenant of Mayors.

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Vitoria-Gaseiz - European Green Capital Winner 2012

Publication [ES]

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Las regiones ENNEREG preparando el camino para una energía sostenible en Europa

Publication [ES] ¿Quieres aprender de los mejores? ¡Nosotros también! - Las regiones ENNEREG preparando el camino para una energía sostenible en Europa es un proyecto europeo apoyado por el programa Energía Inteligente Europa. ENNEREG pretende establecer e inspirar una red de regiones a lo largo de Europa – Regions 202020 – para producir Planes de Acción en Energía Sostenible (PAES) regionales e implementar Proyectos de Energía Sostenible (PES).

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Covenant of Mayors - Plan de Lucha contra el Cambio Climático de Vitoria-Gasteiz (2010-2020)

SEAP Document [EN] Sustainable Energy Action Plan for Vitoria-Gasteiz on the Covenant of Mayors website.

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